Fiber.CA was incorporated in 2005 by Ron Dallmeier and Mike Gobeil. Both founders are entrepreneurs, having created and grown other successful technology companies. Both are adept at finding solutions to challenging problems.

Mike ( has many years of experience in telecom infrastructure, mechanical/electrical/computational systems as well as retail. He also owns SOS Systems, Eliminator Services and Eliminator RC. Mike likes to make things go fast.

Ron ( has been involved with networking & technology in Education ever since he graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1987. He has been working to deliver Internet services since 1992. From ’95 to ’99, Ron managed MBnet (a major Internet gateway for Manitoba). From 2000 and on, Ron has been consulting for many organizations and service providers, world-wide. Ron has been actively involved in Research and Education (R&E) Networks, where early technologies are tested. Some technologies do not survive (remember ATM?), but others such as Wave-Division-Multiplexing have a long future. R&E networks, with their ultra-fast burst capacity, are influencing innovative business models like Google’s Fiber-To-The-Home. Ron has advised many service providers and established relationships with vendors and distributors that provided high-quality/cost-effective products for networking (wired, wireless, VoIP, video, compute and storage).

Timeline for major projects:

  • 2005 - Pembina Trails private fiber network
  • 2008 - Winnipeg School Division fiber network
  • 2009 - River East Transconna School Division
  • 2012 - Evergeen School Division
  • 2012 - Portage School Division
  • 2013 - Seven Oaks School Division
  • 2014 - BorderLand School Division
  • 2016 - Park West Fiber Optic Coop
  • 2017 - Hamiota Fiber-To-The-Home
  • 2018 - Red River School Division
  • Besides these large projects, Fiber.CA also has many other happy clients. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Workers Compensation Board, Maple Leaf Foods, Manitoba Research Network, Manitoba Hydro, CommStream, Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre, Red River College, Payworks, Louis Riel School Division, St James School Division, Winnipeg Technical College, Lord Selkirk School Division, Hannover School Division, Division scolaire franco-manitobaine, Canadian Mennonite University, St Pauls High School, St Marys School, Linden Christian School, Mennonite Collegiate Institute