Your fiber optic solutions provider.

Traditional broadband is not keeping up with demand. Other providers discourage use in order to maximize returns from existing copper and wireless infrastructure. Fiber.CA’s business model leverages economies-of-scale. We don’t offer 10-mbps. The mobile phone in your pocket is faster than that.

Access the Cloud at 1-gbps and free up internal applications to run unconstrained over reliable, ultra-high-speed fiber optic networks.

Span local-area-networks across multiple locations.

Fiber.CA Inc. has been in business for more than 10-years. For more history, click here.

More than 800kms of fiber has been installed in urban and rural areas.

More than 250-buildings have been connected with private fiber and over 400 FTTH installations.


INTERNET (IPv4 & IPv6): Shared or Dedicated; Fixed Billing; No Usage Caps; BGP

TRANSPORT: Symmetrical 100m/1g/10g/100g Ethernet

OTHER: IRUs/Leases; Wavelength Services

PLANNING: Estimates; Business Cases

DESIGN: Network Design; Drawings; Permits

DEPLOYMENT: Underground Conduit; Jet Cable; Splicing/Termination; Testing; Configure Switches/Routers

SUPPORT: 24x7 NOC; Diagnostics; Preventative Maintenance; Locates; Repair

Sample Services



Fixed Price 1-gbps Internet with no usage caps. Static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. 24x7 Support and statistics.



Private dark fiber networks for K-12 and post secondary schools enabling centralized services, VoIP, video and access to Merlin, MRnet and Canarie.

service provider

Service Provider

Providing 10-gbps circuits to Internet exchanges, wholesale upstream providers and data-centers. Physically diverse paths from existing carriers adds redundancy.


FlexNetworks National Network Operations Centre (NOC), fully staffed 24/7/365, is now supporting all Fiber.CA customers.
You can reach our NOC by calling 1-800-724-8353, option 2, or by email